Welcome To The DC Gourmand's Guide

Gourmand (n.): A person who is fond of good eating, often indiscriminately and to excess.

So picture this: You're looking for a good place to eat, but you're not really sure where to go. You want to try a new kind of cuisine, or you just want to be adventurous and try a new place. So you check the internet and just find a listing of restaurants or people writing 3-4 line contradictory reviews that just don't convince you as to what is truly good out there. It doesn’t help that you don’t know the person writing this and his background and food preferences.

This is where "Gourmand's Guide" comes in. This blog covers Washington DC Metro Area. If the restaurant is accessible by the Washington DC Metro, it is fair game. I sample each place, and give you an in depth review as to the food, the ambience and the service. National chains will not be sampled, so do not expect to see a review of Chipotle or McDonalds. However, if it is a chain that is limited to the DC metro region, it’s fair game and will be covered. Food trucks, though a staple of cheap DC cuisine, will not be covered here either.

Let’s face it. Washington, DC is an expensive place to live. The "Gourmand's Guide" is designed NOT to break the bank, so this site is dedicated to finding restaurants where you can get a good meal for $10 or less. (Before tax and tip) This does not include appetizers or booze. I am indiscriminate; I sample all types of restaurants in all neighborhoods (provided, of course, that neighborhood is metro accessible). I also take tips on good places to eat and welcome feedback on my reviews.

Monday, February 18, 2008